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Redbarre consists of a crew of highly-competent, hard-working and independent media & technology savvy professionals, collectively, whom serve their clients with passion, verve and commitment to excellence. Continue to scroll down to find out more about us.

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Don Levy
Chief Executive Officer

As entrepreneur, editor and media & entertainment expert, Don Levy is best known for an uncanny ability to identify media business trends. Don was instrumental in the launch of ESPN in 1979 and the advance of NBC Networks from last place to #1 (1983-1986). Inspired, he founded his own highly successful company, and has launched and sold companies, built divisions, developed alliances and led mergers. He has established a reputation for identifying multi-million dollar opportunities related to emerging markets, mergers & acquisitions, alliance partnerships, and market consolidations. Don’s client list includes NBC, ABC, CBS, HBO, Ogilvy & Mather, BBDO, Heiss Agency (Germany), WiredTV (Australia), Ariel (Italy), MTV, ESPN, and many others.

Phillip A. Infelise
Chief Operations Officer

With over 40 years of experience in the real estate and project management world, domestically and internationally, Phillip Infelise covers the gamut from strategic planning to relocation management and executes on projects of all sizes and types. He has served corporate users in 12 countries and more than 50 cities in the US. Previously, Phillip was a President of two Construction companies, a real estate broker, Foreign Service Reserve Officer, Peace Corps Volunteer, Peace Corps Director and consultant to the US State Department and the US Agency for International Development. Recently Phillip served as Chairman of the Board, Cresa Partners, LLC and National Director of Project Management.

Karen Kitchens
Chief Real Estate Officer

Karen is an experienced and results-driven commercial real estate advisor and project manager with a strong academic foundation and progressive years of experience in directing and completing projects related to real estate while always meeting the client’s schedule and budget constraints. She is armed with a proven track record of success in all facets of project lifecycle development from initial analysis and conceptual design through implementation, quality review, and enhancement to optimize operational efficiencies and improve business operations. She has extensive experience in in all facets of commercial real estate, including financial and asset management, as well as project management.

Ed Elliott
Chief Technology Officer

Ed Elliott is a well-respected industry veteran in Media & Entertainment with 30+ years experience in engineering, technology implementation, systems design and media architecture. He has a deep passion for merging advanced media technology with the art of storytelling. With an extensive background that spans electrical engineering, theoretical physics, computer science and human perception design, Ed played prominently in bringing film and video postproduction into the digital age, developing IP in audiovisual compression, metadata standards, nonlinear editing, digital workflow design and large-scale digital asset management.

Jeffrey Friedman
EVP, Studio Operations

Jeffrey Friedman, EVP, Studio Operations for RedBarre, is an exceptionally talented operations executive with more than 30 years of industry experience. Jeff has mastered almost every position in television production. He started as a PA and became a recognized editor, camera operator, engineer, producer, and eventually an Emmy nominated director. This background provides Jeff with the uncanny ability to orchestrate every step in production to deliver exceptional technical results.