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One of the key services that Redbarre is best known for is our development acumen; whether it is strategic development, market development, product development, technology development or business development. While these may have very distinct and different business objectives, inherently, they all play key and interrelated roles in the success of any business. Strategic development speaks to the overall objectives of the entity, while market, product and technology development reflects on the exact product/service the entity is ‘selling’ and to whom. As for business development, which quite often is misdefined as a sales initiative, it is more accurately a combination of all of the above; which ultimately does lead to a sales opportunity. It is our keen awareness of the unique (and sometimes subtle) role each plays and our deep expertise within, that allows Redbarre to provide our clients with strong development results. In fact, to be good at the startup ‘game,’ we believe it is imperative our executives be highly capable development professionals. To wit, Redbarre has provided significant development expertise with the following opportunities (click on each heading for further details below):

Qualified and developed a $160MM equity raise as an integral part of a $460MM alliance joint venture partnership. This opportunity was authored by us and with a dedicated tight-knit group of cross-department members, the plan was implemented on behalf of a digital media client.

Following a successful $6MM combined Seed round and debt raise, secured $13MM Series A round for a broadband wireless access (BWA) company.

Leveraged $100K equity raise to launch a production/media company; used several interim debt rounds and ultimately sold the company, debt-free, for $8.5MM within 5 years.

Redrafted, coordinated, and successfully obtained multi-year unscripted TV series project in front of CAA and other entertainment decision makers within 90 days.

Provided technology and postproduction supervisory support to Ghostwriters, Children’s Television Workshop, Season 1 & 2.

Designed and introduced postproduction/operations approach for ABC mini-series that shot over 300 hours of 16mm film for Stephen King penned tome.

Identified woefully untapped ‘blue ocean’ market, raised capital, and implemented operational and go-to-market strategies. Within 12 months, staffed 23 people servicing 1500 customers with OTT (over-the-top) capable wireless infrastructure to secondary markets.

Crafted solution to legal constraints surrounding lack of performance by representative website lessees; converted existing website leasing product into a right-to-use website product, strengthening corporate control and management of web properties.

Overcame old problem within editing and launched the first company worldwide to deploy multiple nonlinear editing technology platforms for delivering the solution. This solution was broadly adopted throughout the industry and is now used for 98%+ of editing worldwide.

Strategized, authored and negotiated first-ever ‘live broadcast over the Internet’ partnership between a managed-services provider and a telecom R&D company. Brought a prominent US cable news company to the table to conduct a simultaneous test of the technology during a major presidential election; due to satellite issues, for eight hours, that network’s news coverage ran over the Internet without a qualitative or operational glitch.

Identified numerous technologies for test, use and implementation for a rural wireless ISP. Worked with several manufacturers to develop new/extended technologies and resultant products for use in the transport and transit of high-bandwidth uncompressed digital media content as well as low-bandwidth proxies and standard data.

Evaluated major IT componentry and protocols, as well as the platform for converting baseband video for transit across an IP packet-switched network that enabled the live transmission of prominent television content, primarily in the news arena.

Implemented major network infrastructure across sixty countries for the transport of extremely large data files, including uncompressed 2K workflows, as well as 4K images for scientific, medical and advertising workflows.

Developed high-availability data storage infrastructure for nonlinear editing platforms, enabling rapid recording and switching modalities for mixed-format environments.

Combined multiple technologies associated with 2 divergent media markets to create a $600MM consolidation play. Developed the tactical map for achieving the objective and achieved a market share jump from under 5% to over 75% for our CDN client.

Identified very large untapped market and designed low-cost technical infrastructure (using COTS). Implemented brand & market strategy and drove company to cash flow positive within 24 months.

Created CODE (Create Once Distribute Everywhere) strategy for consolidating disparate corporate services into a unified product roadmap. This encouraged Sales to look at the big picture, identifying and generating multi-million dollar upside sales previously overlooked.

Provided M&A expertise for web company; instrumental in raising capital to acquire a moribund 17-year-old online property.

Developed and executed a reverse triangle merger, merging a $10MM telecom company into a $1MM BWA company. Net effect was a 10X increase in company size along with expansion of territory from Texas to include New Mexico, Utah, and Idaho.

Researched, evangelized, and closed on the acquisition of a postproduction workflow software company with revenue in excess of $9MM; this was one of several similar companies acquired during 2-year period to enhance parent company’s market penetration.

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